Capel St Mary: Simon Hall’s mother’s shock at his murder confession

Hall's mother Lynne Hall

Hall's mother Lynne Hall

The mother of Simon Hall today expressed her shock at learning of her son’s murder confession.

But Lynne Hall still maintains her son is innocent of the murder of pensioner Joan Albert in December 2001.

Mrs Hall said: “I’m absolutely shocked because I know he is innocent and I still believe he is.

“But it’s the system. If he had pleaded guilty in the beginning, he would be home now.

“I know he has been really low and in hospital recently. He’s given up.”

Hall’s parents Lynne and Phil Hall and his brother Shaun supported him through numerous appeals which were unsuccessful.

Mrs Hall added: “I believe he feels he can’t take any more after all the fight he has put up and how brave he has been.

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“If that’s his decision, that’s his decision but I will never believe that.”