‘Absolute madness’ fury over illegal parking in village

Lemons Hill Bridge in Tattingstone had an excess of 50 cars parked in a clearway over the weekend. Picture: TIM KERSHAW

Lemons Hill Bridge in Tattingstone had an excess of 50 cars parked in a clearway over the weekend. Picture: TIM KERSHAW - Credit: TIM KERSHAW

There is anger in a Suffolk village after cars descended on the area over the weekend and parked illegally.

Villagers living in Tattingstone have raised concerns that vehicles are parking on the clearway on Lemons Hill Bridge.

Under road law, you are forbidden from stopping on a clearway for any reason at any time.

However, photos taken in Tattingstone over the weekend showed vehicles parked nose to tail across the bridge.

Tattingstone Parish Council said the number of cars at the clearway on Sunday was “ridiculous”, in a post on its village Facebook page.

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They said: “Parking on Lemons Hill Bridge in contravention of the clearway is ridiculous.

“It has been reported to Ipswich Borough Council who are now responsible for parking offences in Tattingstone. Do take care if you are trying to drive, cycle or walk across the bridge.”

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One resident said it was “absolute madness”, while another said the situation was bad on the Saturday as well.

Ann Graham, who shared the photo on Facebook, said that people were “grouped together” at meeting points on the cycle track, and questioned whether an emergency vehicle would be able to get through.

She said: “The farmer can’t get his tractor through, what if that was the fire service? I know you can exercise but people are grouped together and meeting at points on the cycle track.”

Another resident Tim Kershaw, has lived in the area for 15 years said: “I have never seen it anywhere close to being crowded. “Certainly nothing approaching the vast numbers of people I witnessed last Sunday.

“I fully respect people’s rights during these testing times to legitimately take exercise.

“The sheer volume of traffic and people that had arrived from outside the area, at a time when we are under lockdown, was quite staggering and shocked me.”

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: “We thank residents for letting us now about problems in this area. Parking problems can be reported to us online.

“Ipswich Borough Council enforces the parking restrictions in Babergh (which includes Tattingstone) and Mid-Suffolk on behalf of their councils and we shall be looking to address the issues.”

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