Car ploughs into house

POLICE are investigating after a car crashed into a house in rural Suffolk on Saturday morning.

POLICE officers were called to an incident in the early hours of Saturday morning after a car collided with a house in rural Suffolk.

The Honda Accord ploughed into the property on Cosford Road near Hadleigh at about 3.20am and police received a call at about 6.15am.

Next-door neighbour George Ashford said he and his wife Emily woke to a loud rumbling noise at about 3.20am.

“It sounded like loud thunder,” he said. “Neither of us took much notice until we were woken up at 6.20am by police officers who showed us the car embedded in the house next door.

“Before hitting the house it had gone over a traffic island, over a ditch, through a hedge and into the front porch of the house.

“It was frosty this morning when police woke us at just after 6am, but police didn't seem to think there had been ice on the road.”

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The car collided with the front door and ended up with its bonnet protruding into the lounge of the bungalow.

Mr Ashford said the owners had sold the house subject to contract and had already moved into their new property.

“It was a lucky escape for the man who used to live there, had he been sitting in his chair in the lounge as he usually did he may have been injured.”

The stretch of road, with two sharp bends, is a common spot for accidents. Mr Ashford said he and other residents in the area had tried to apply to the council for a lower speed limit but the request had been rejected.

“They don't seem to be interested,” Mr Ashford added. “They have said there are too few houses, being just seven in the area, and apparently there are not enough recorded accidents to warrant a change.

“There are frequently accidents in the area, they are obviously not all recorded.”

A police spokesman said no-one was injured in the collision and the owners of the house had not been in the property at the time.

He added: “We have spoken to the male driver of the car and he is helping police officers with their investigations.”