Car skids on ice and hits house

A CAR skidded on ice and hit a bungalow in a Suffolk village last night.

A CAR skidded on ice and hit a bungalow in a Suffolk village last night.

The green Ford Focus left the road in Stowupland and ploughed into the corner of the property on Saxham Street at about 9.20pm.

The driver of the car, Martin Webdale from Framlingham, said he lost control after hitting an icy patch on a bend in the road.

“I was going round the corner when I hit some ice and skidded on the road and ended up hitting one of the houses on the corner,” he said. “It all happened so fast.

“There is a little bit of damage to the wall and the fence and the near front side of my car is badly damaged.”

Ambulance crews and police were called to the scene and paramedics checked Mr Webdale, finding no serious injuries.

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The 26-year-old added: “They have checked me over and I am fine, just a bit shaken up.”

A Suffolk police spokesman urged people to take care on the roads, reiterating the message to drive carefully in the recent wintry weather conditions.

“We have had no other reports of any accidents at the moment this evening but the normal message applies to drivers.

“Take care, slow down and make sure your vehicle is serviceable. Remember to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

“As temperature dip roads can become dangerous.”

About a month ago on the same stretch of road a similar accident claimed the life the driver of a van.

On January 9, 45-year-old Roger Lomatschinsky died at the wheel of his white van after it left Church Road in the village and collided with the porch of a house.

Mr Lomatschinsky was declared dead at the scene when emergency services were called at about 3.10pm. It is believed the fatal accident happened at about lunchtime that day, but due to foggy weather passers-by failed to notice the vehicle set back of the road.