Care boss denies cashflow problems after staff complain of half wage

A care boss has denied that cashflow problems were the reason for paying his staff just two weeks wages this month, saying it was supposed to be a ‘good will gesture’.

Staff at De Vere Care, that runs Oakwood House in Ipswich, Chantry House in Saxmundham and Quenby Rest Home in Colchester were reportedly expecting a months wages today (DEC 22) but instead they received notification that they would only get two weeks wages and be paid the rest on January 6 because of ‘cash flow problems’.

Company Director, Sunny Sandhu said he had no knowlege of the phonecall and that the payment was an ‘early’ payment.

He also denied that he ever planned on delaying the payment until January.

“I told all the management team to make everyone aware they would be paid early.” Mr Sandhu said.

“Usually I pay all staff members on the 26, but as that is a bank holiday, I decided to pay them for two weeks now and two weeks on December 29.

“I don’t know why they expected a full months wage as it is not yet the end of the month.

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“I thought this would be the best way of doing it in case people wanted to go Christmas shopping and things.

“I do not know why people were told they wouldn’t be paid until January. They will get their next payment next week, on December 29.”

Mr Sandhu said that he employs around 240 people at De Vere Care and that all of them are paid above the living wage.

He also said that the change in payment date applied to every member of staff, including himself, although he would not be drawn on what his own salary is.

Cuts to social care budgets and the new living wage have proved to be too much for some care providers, but Mr Sandhu insists that De Vere Care was fiscally able to pay it’s staff.

“There are no cashflow problems and I do not know why anyone would have been told that and I will work to find out why and how this miscommunication happened.”