Carer accused of assaulting dementia patient, 90, claims woman sustained injuries during fall

Ipswich Crown Court.

Ipswich Crown Court. - Credit: Archant

A live in carer accused of assaulting a 90-year-old dementia sufferer told police the woman had fallen over and injured herself after getting out of her chair and bed on her own.

Dorothy Kerridge said alarm sensors were fitted to Muriel Munro’s bed and chair at her home in Caithness Close, Ipswich, so she would know if she was getting up but Mrs Munro had often pulled them out.

During a police interview Kerridge said that one week Mrs Munro had fallen over three times.

The first time she had torn the skin in her shin when she fell on to her Zimmer frame while Kerridge was out of the room getting food out of the freezer.

Mrs Munro was taken to hospital and had the wound stitched.

Three days later Mrs Munro had got out of her chair and gone to look out of the window after telling Kerridge she wanted to go out for a walk.

“She wouldn’t wait for me and got up out of the chair,” said Kerridge. She claimed that as Mrs Munro turned away from the window she caught her foot in a curtain and this caused her to lose her balance and fall into the back of her chair.

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She hit the right side of her face causing bruising and Kerridge later realised her false teeth had also been broken in the fall.

At around 3am the following morning Kerridge heard the alarm sensor on Mrs Munro’s bed bleeping and by the time she got to her Mrs Munro had fallen into the kitchen and hit her face in the doorframe.

She said that after the two falls within hours of each other Mrs Munro was “as black as black could be” with bruises.

She said that when the district nurse came in to check on the cut on Mrs Munro’s shin she had got her to look at the new injuries and she had said it was “just bruising and it would go.”

Kerridge, 56, of West View, Kelsale has denied three offences of assaulting Mrs Munro causing her actual bodily harm and two alternative charges of ill treating and neglecting her between November 2012 and February 2013.

It has been alleged that while Kerridge was looking after Mrs Munro, who has since died, she

was found to have bruises on her face, arms, ears and the soles of her feet.

Lori Tucker, prosecuting said Mrs Munro had described Kerridge as a “cruel lady” and told her son and grandaughters she had allegedly been punched, hit and slapped by her.

The trial continues.

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