Chelmsford council election nominations

CHELMSFORDAll out election May 3Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield (2): Chris Abbott (LD), Michael Harris (Con)*, Joyce Lees (Lab), Tony Lees (Lab), Richard Poulter (Con)*, Veronica Sadowsky (LD).


All out election May 3

Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield (2): Chris Abbott (LD), Michael Harris (Con)*, Joyce Lees (Lab), Tony Lees (Lab), Richard Poulter (Con)*, Veronica Sadowsky (LD).

Boreham and the Leighs (2): Roy Appleton (LD), John Galley (Con)*, Donald Newton (Lab), Clive Secluna (LD), Philip Wilson (Con)*.

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Broomfield and the Walthams (3): Delmas Ashford (Con)*, Andrew Bell (LD), Charles Cole (UKIP), Bill Evans (Lab), Jeni Goldfinch (LD), Reza Hossain (Green), Richard Monk (Green), Brian Patient (Con), Wendy Talley (LD), Angela Thomson (Green), Alan Willsher (Con)*.

Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park (3): Ronald Alcock (Con)*, Stephen Asher (LD), Max Gibson (Lab), Neil Gulliver (Con)*, Duncan Lumley (Con)*, David Mackrory (LD), Jeffrey Mushens (Lab), Richard Pennicard (LD), Mark Player (Lab).

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Chelmsford Rural West (1): Colin Budgey (Green), Nicolette Chambers (Con)*, Roger Fellows (Lab), Angela Robinson (LD).

Galleywood (2): Robert Jones (Lab), Peter Kirk (LD), John Leslie (Lab), Janette Potter (Con)*, Andy Robson (LD), David Stevenson (Con)*.

Goat Hall (2): Robert Harman (Con), Paul Matthews (Lab), Angelica Medici (Lab), Freda Mountain (LD)*, Royston Van Tromp (Con), John Williams (LD)*.

Great Baddow East (3): Patricia Collins (Lab), John Devane (Lab), Keith Liley (Con), Trevor Miller (LD)*, Jesse Pryke (UKIP), Chris Rycroft (LD)*, John Scott (Con), Gillian Smith (Con), Andrew Sosin (LD)*, Stephanie Troop (Lab).

Great Baddow West (2): Jennifer Chandler (Con), Peter Dixon (Lab), Carol Evans (Lab), Margaret Hutchon (LD)*, Jannetta Sosin (LD)*, Chrissie Wilson (Con).

Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon (3): Mary Bastick (LD), Steve Forte (Lab), Christopher Kingsley (Con)*, Lawrence O 'Brien (LD), Robert Shepherd (Con)*, Ian Ward (Lab), David Whiteing (LD), Sue Willis (Lab), Ian Wright (Con)*.

Marconi (2): Jude Deakin (LD), Bill Horslen (Lab)*, Adrian Longden (Lab)*, Peter Martin (Con), David Ormerod (Con), Graham Pooley (LD).

Moulsham and Central (3): Don Bacon (LD), Paddy Baldwin (Lab), Peter Brooks (LD), Maria Fegan (Lab), James Gardner (LD), Sameh Hindi (Con)*, Pru Jones (Lab), David Lee (Con)*, Robert Pontin (Con).

Moulsham Lodge (2): Akin Adegboye (Lab), Jenny Alefounder (Con), Philip Firth (LD)*, David Jones (LD)*, Alan Rigg (Lab), Rhona Wheeler (Con).

Patching Hall (3): Alan Arnot (LD)*, Elaine Baldwin (Lab), Roy Chad (Lab), Alan Chambers (Con), Ashley Final (LD), David Howell (Lab), Nicki Lee (Con), Adam Living (Green), Robert Radley (Con), Tom Smith-Hughes (LD)*.

Rettendon and Runwell (2): Colin Farquhar (Lab), Ken Hay (LD), Lance Millane (Con), Ray Ride (Con)*, Ryan Wakeling (LD).

South Hanningfield, Stock and Margaretting (2): Nancy Edwards (LD), Rod Essery (Lab), Ian Grundy (Con)*, John Masek (LD), Roy Whitehead (Con)*.

South Woodham - Chetwood and Collingwood (3): Alan Carpenter (Lab), Andy Dearman (Lab), Bob Denston (Con), Paul Moore (LD), Maureen Moulds (Con)*, Barry Passingham (LD), Christopher Stephenson (Con)*, Noel Sutcliffe (LD).

South Woodham - Elmwood and Woodville (3): Colin Davies (LD), Keith Gannicott (Lab), Patricia Hughes (Con)*, Matt Lewis (Con), Ian Roberts (Ind), David Sykes (LD), Clifford Vanner (Lab), Margaret Vanner (Lab), Lester Wakeling (LD), Adrian Wilkins (Con)*.

Springfield North (3): Amar Bajaj (Con), Hilary Chad (Lab), Ian Fuller (LD), Karen Kennedy (Lab), Russell Kennedy (Lab), Pam Lane (LD), Mike Mackrory (LD), Graham Mcghie (Con)*, Yvonne Spence (Con).

St Andrew's (2): Joan Bliss (Lab), Peter Cousins (Con), Chris Fegan (Lab), Clive Hodges (Con), Simon Jones (LD)*, John Knott (Lab), Gloria Nichols (LD), Alistair Patient (Con), Tom Willis (LD)*.

The Lawns (2): Jim Green (Con), Bob Miller (Lab), Colin Penney (Con), Carol Stevens (Lab), Robin Stevens (LD)*, Ros Webb (LD).

Trinity (2): Martin Bracken (LD)*, Ian Gale (LD)*, Jon Legg (Lab), Julie Maybrick (Con), Jean Murray (Con), George Owers (Lab).

Waterhouse Farm (2): Lorraine Cobbold (LD)*, Alistair Crockford (Con), John Hunnable (LD)*, James Morgan (Con), Neil Spurgeon (Lab), Jim Webb (Lab).

Writtle (2): Mark Champness (Lab), Philip Evans (LD), Jonathan Fuller (LD), Roger Patterson (Lab), Tim Roper (Con)*, Tony Sach (Con)*.

*(Sitting councillor seeking re-election)

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