Christmas cracker or damp squib? Check your scores

You can probably guess the outcome but just to confirm, score 3 for every (a) 0 for every (b); 1 for every (c); and 10 for every (d).

0-10: You are the embodiment of Christmas... have you checked your back for wings? For you, it is all about spending time with people you love and you tend to love everybody.

11- 30: You love Christmas. Obviously, there are always little niggles; you’re not a saint (see 0-10s) but you’ll have fun and probably a bit of a hangover.

31- 80: You have to try and shake off some of the anxiety. People love you because you’re you, not because you spend extravagantly. It is not a hanging offence to forget the brandy butter, drop the turkey and inadvertently mention someone’s reviled ex.

Over 70: Yes, well. In addition to stress counselling you may want to think about addressing your Christmas issues. Did you ever suffer a nasty childhood holly incident or were you caught under the mistletoe with a halitosis sufferer?

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