Christmas dinners to be provided for those who find themselves alone

Christmas dinners being prepared

IP17 GNS and the Wardens Trust have teamed up to prepare Christmas dinners for those who will find themselves alone this year. - Credit: IP17 GNS

Christmas dinners will be delivered as part of a community scheme to reach those who find themselves on their own this year.

The IP17 GNS (good neighbour scheme) and the Wardens Trust are teaming up to pre-cook traditional Christmas meals which can be defrosted and heated up on the day.

The charity was founded during the first lockdown to help people in Saxmundham, Kelsale, and Benhall who are suffering from health or financial issues as a result of the pandemic.

Bryony Peall, who manages IP17 GNS volunteer activities, said: "There are people in our community who will spend Christmas day on their own, whether it’s because they don’t have family nearby or because they are vulnerable and isolating.

Christmas dinners packed into boxes

The traditional meals include roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and vegetables, are pre-cooked and can be defrosted and warmed up on Christmas day. - Credit: IP17 GNS

"Delivering a hand-cooked Christmas meal can make their day. We’re often the only people they see. It’s a gift from the community to the community."

The charity is working with Sizewell Wardens Trust, who provided kitchen facilities and coordinated the cooking. 

Anyone who finds themselves alone this Christmas are being invited to contact IP17 GNS on 03333 355266.

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