When will supermarkets close their doors on Christmas Eve in Suffolk and North Essex?

What time will your local supermarket close its doors on Christmas Eve?

What time will your local supermarket close its doors on Christmas Eve? - Credit: Archant

Just discovered you’re missing a crucial Christmas dinner ingredient? Here are details of when supermarkets around the area close their doors on Christmas Eve.

However carefully you plan your festive shopping, there are always those last few items you have forgotten. Perhaps you need more milk for your bread sauce, some extra sprouts - or more chocolates and mince pies if the family has been digging in early!

But what time will the shops shut their doors? Many stores in Suffolk and north Essex will close early on Christmas Eve, often at 6pm and 7pm. Here are details of the opening hours for larger supermarkets and town-centre food stores. Smaller shops and convenience stores may be open later for those real last-gasp items.



Aldi, Meredith Road: 8am-6pm

Aldi, Hines Road: 8am-6pm

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Asda, Bury Road: 12am to 7pm

Asda, Stoke Park: 7am-7pm

Lidl, Handford Road: 8am-6pm

Lidl, Hening Avenue (Ravenswood): 8am-6pm

Marks & Spencer, Westgate Street: 7am-5pm

Morrisons, Sproughton Road: 5am-6pm

Sainsbury’s, Hadleigh Road: 6am-6pm

Sainsbury’s, Warren Heath: 6am-7pm

Sainsbury’s, Upper Brook Street: 7am-7pm

Tesco Extra Copdock: 12am to 7pm

Waitrose, Futura Park: 7.30am-6pm

Waitrose, Corn Exchange: 7am-6pm


Tesco Metro: 6.30am-7pm


Marks & Spencer Simply Food: 6am-6pm

Tesco Extra: 12am to 7pm


Asda: 12am to 7pm

Marks & Spencer: 7am to 6pm

Sainsbury’s: 6am-6pm

Waitrose: 7.30am-6pm

Tesco: 6am-7pm


Lidl, Langer Road: 8am-6pm

Lidl, Haven Exchange: 8am-6pm

Marks & Spencer: 7am-5pm

Morrisons, Grange Farm Avenue: 5am-6pm


Morrisons: 5am-6pm


Aldi: 8am-6pm

Sainsbury’s: 7am-6pm

Tesco: 7am-7pm


Asda: 12am to 7pm

Lidl: 8am-6pm

Morrisons, North Quay Retail Park: 5am-6pm

Morrisons, Tower Road: 5am-6pm

Tesco: 7pm


Tesco Extra: 12am-7pm

Waitrose: 7am-6pm


Tesco: 8am-7pm

Waitrose: 7.30am-6pm


Asda: 12am to 7pm

Lidl: 8am-6pm

Tesco: 6am-7pm


Sainsbury’s: 6am-6pm

Tesco: 6am-7pm


East of England Co-op, Hamblin Walk: 7am-9pm



Lidl: 8am-6pm

Sainsbury’s: 7am-6pm

Tesco, town centre: 6am-7pm

Tesco, Marks Farm: 6am-7pm


Aldi: 8am-6pm

Asda: 12am to 7pm

Lidl: 8am-6pm

Morrisons, Waterglade Retail Park: 5am-6pm

Morrisons, Little Clacton: 5am-6pm

Sainsbury’s: Christmas Eve 6am-6pm

Tesco Superstore, Brook Retail Park: 6am-7pm


Aldi, Magdalen Street: 8am-6pm

Aldi, London Road; 8am-6pm

Aldi Cowdray Avenue: 8am-6pm

Asda: 12am to 7pm

Lidl, Abbots Road: 8am-6pm

Lidl, Gosbecks Road: 8am-6pm

Marks & Spencer: 6am-6pm

Sainsbury’s, Priory Walk: 7am-6pm

Sainsbury’s, Stanway: 5am-7pm

Tesco Extra Highwoods: 12am-7pm

Tesco Hythe: 6am-7pm

Waitrose: 8am-6pm


Asda: 6am to 7pm

Morrisons: 5am-6pm


East of England Co-op: 7am to 9pm


Aldi: 8am-6pm

Asda: 6am-7pm

Morrisons: 5am-6pm

Tesco: 6am-7pm

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