Clacton: EDL protesters line street outside Clacton by-election count

The Election count in Clacton. Protestors outside the count.

The Election count in Clacton. Protestors outside the count. - Credit: Archant

Members of the far-right group English Defence League are gathered outside Clacton Town Hall where the election count is being held.

Around a dozen members of the group, holding flags and placards, stood quietly at the front of the building.

It is not clear who the group, from the Clacton-on-Sea division, wanted to win the poll, but it is thought to be UKIP candidate Douglas Carswell.

The British National Party stood in the constituency in 2010, polling 1,975 votes (4.6% of the total cast), but are not standing in this by-election.

The 57 ballot boxes for the Parliamentary election were delivered to the town hall from around 10.30pm, plus a further three will be opened this evening - these contains votes cast in both the parliamentary election and the county council vote - which will be counted tomorrow morning.

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A peaceful protest group, Stand up to UKIP, who are against UKIP, were also present.

For live updates from the count, right through the night, see our live coverage here

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