Clacton: Holidaymaker airlifted to hospital from beach

A HOLIDAYMAKER was taken to hospital after being taken ill on Clacton beach today.

Beach patrol and seafront staff helped the 81-year-old man, from Suffolk, who was complaining of internal pain around his back area, on Clacton’s West Beach.

Seafront warden Tony Davies was the first to go to the man’s aid after the alarm was raised around 2.40pm. He was joined by colleagues from Tendring District Council’s (TDC) team at the West Beach and Martello Bay, as well as Clacton Coastguard mobile unit.

They kept the man as comfortable as possible until paramedics arrived who then decided to call for the air ambulance.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “The man was complaining of back pain and vomiting.

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“He was fully conscious and breathing and not in a life-threatening condition.”

It was eventually decided to take the man to Colchester General Hospital by land ambulance at 4.45pm.

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Stephen Mayzes, cabinet member for tourism and community life at TDC, said the incident is one of many types that the beach patrol and seafront wardens get involved with.

“It is not all about rescuing people from the sea and on this occasion they went to the aid of the holidaymaker on the beach who fell ill,” he added.

“They then helped with crowd control and making space for the air ambulance.

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