Clacton: Night-time community will be focus of safety operation

A DAY to promote community safety in Clacton is being held next weekend.

Organisations from across the district will join forces on Saturday, July 28 to give out advice and guidance – as well as taking enforcement if needed.

The event, from 10am to 2.30am, will focus on issues of night-time trade and keeping people safe.

The initiative is being run by the Tendring Community Safety Partnership and will involve Essex Police, Traffic Police, Anglian Community Enterprise, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council Youth Service.

Lynda McWilliams, cabinet member for customer and central services on Tendring District Council, said: “Tendring as a whole is a safe place to live, work and enjoy yourself with one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Essex – and we want it to stay that way.

“Anything we can do as partners to make it even safer is to be encouraged and supported.

“The aim of the day and night of action is primarily to educate and engage but also enforce where necessary – ensuring people can make the most of a night out in Clacton town centre.”

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The days begins with a daytime economy event held at Christmas Tree Island from 10am, with outreach workers from Anglian Community Enterprise advising on alcohol issues.

Later that day the SOS Bus and Community Safety Partnership stall and Youth Bus will also be at Christmas Tree Island.

Anne Oakes Odger, founder of Knife Crime and Victims’ Advocates, will be available to talk to people and give out information.

From 8.30pm the SOS bus will continue with its normal Saturday night duties to offer support, advice and guidance to members of the public where required.

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