‘With the Liberal Democrats we can actually achieve something.’ Clacton Tory defects to the Lib Dems

Andy Wood elected for Clacton North. Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL

Andy Wood elected for Clacton North. Picture: TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

A Conservative councillor on the Essex County Council has moved to the Liberal Democrats, citing them as the party to help residents.

Andy Wood was first elected to the council in May 2013 to represent Clacton North under the Conservatives but made the move over to the Lib Dems on Tuesday, October 2.

Cllr Wood represented the Tories over the past five years, drawing inspiration from former Conservative Clacton MP Douglas Carswell.

He said: “My area is Clacton-On-Sea and I am dissatisfied that we have a doctor’s surgery where people have to que outside in the wet and cold to get an appointment.

“We had a hospital torn apart so people have to go down the road to Colchester.

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“We also have a police force that are so overrun that they can’t cope and this is all because of the cuts.

“With the Liberal Democrats we can actually start to achieve something.”

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Cllr Wood has made it clear that he will do all he can to support the residents of Clacton who he represents and believes that his newly found party will be able to implement positive change in the area.

He said: “The other parties in this area just seem to visit residents to leaflet before an election.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only ones you hear from all year round.”

Cllr Wood has come under fire from a Tendring District councillor who claims he was facing disciplinary issues from the Tories.

Cllr Andrew Pemberton, who represents the Peter Bruff ward, alleged that Cllr Wood came to his place of work last year and that an ensuing argument lead to Cllr Wood facing party discipline.

He further states that Cllr was then forced to leave, these allegations have been vehemently denied by the new Lib Dem councillor.

Cllr Wood said: “No I was not pushed at all and I did not face disciplinary action.

“I’m always going to be professional, if Andy wants to work with me then I have no problem with that.

“If he wants to criticise me then he can, that’s politics.

“This is not about me and him I am concerned for the welfare of my residents.

“I will work with anyone to get that done.”

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