Clacton: Waveney UKIP candidate not surprised by Carswell defection

Simon Tobin

Simon Tobin - Credit: Archant

A prospective parliamentary candidate has said he’s not surprised by the defection of Conservative MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP.

Mr Carswell yesterday announced he was leaving the Conservatives and joining the UK Independence Party.

Simon Tobin, UKIP’s candidate for the Waveney Constituency said on the announcement: “This is in part because there is very real concern that people want a change in politics and particularly in our relationship with the European Union.”

Mr Tobin also said he wasn’t surprised by the defection and believes there may be more to come before the General Election next year.

He said: “Mr Carswell’s defection demonstrates that it is not just the general public that are concerned about Europe but also senior politicians in Parliament.

“They can see that action needs to be taken to address the impact of EU membership and to recognise the genuine concern of the British people and they do not feel that Parliament is listening.”

“I am pleased that he has had the integrity to resign from his seat and stand again at a by-election.

“This will be a good indication of whether he has public support and whether his concerns are upheld by the electorate in his Clacton constituency which I am confident they will be.”