Cocktail sausages pierced with nails scattered on Cauldwell Hall Road in Ipswich in apparent plot to harm dogs

Dog walkers have been warned about cocktail sausages pierced with nails scattered around Ipswich. P

Dog walkers have been warned about cocktail sausages pierced with nails scattered around Ipswich. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

A couple from Ipswich have reported finding cocktail sausages pierced by nails scattered in the street – in what appears to be a vicious plot to target local dogs.

Justin Collins spotted the sausages along Cauldwell Hall Road, Marlborough Road and Wellesley Road after dropping his daughters off at school this morning. He then warned his wife, Ashley, that she should watch out when walking their German Shepherd Labrador Cross in the area – as it was a regular route for the pair to take.

There were roughly seven in total across the three streets, most of which were nestled by the walls – where dogs could quickly sniff them out, but they weren’t so easy to spot by owners. Mr Collins said the sausages were quite fresh – probably scattered today or yesterday – and were pierced with small tacks, roughly an inch to an inch and a half in length.

He said: “I didn’t think much of the first one, and then I saw the second and the third... I tried to kick them down drains and into the road.

“There is a lot of dog muck now the snow has melted. Maybe someone has seen that and got annoyed, and chucked sausages out on the street with some nails in them. It’s obviously dogs they are targeting.”

Luckily, when Mr Collins returned to the streets later, the sausages appeared to be gone.

Mrs Collins immediately reported the incident on Facebook with a post that has attracted over 300 shares.

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She wrote: “Along Cauldwell Hall Road / Marlborough Road / Wellsley Road area IP4 whilst walking the school run my husband saw many cocktail sausages scattered around with nails in them! Please share for dog walkers!!”

The veterinary practices closest to the site said they had not dealt with any cases involving pierced cocktail sausages so far, but were concerned by the reports.

When contacted about the incident, Ryder Davies & Partners on Woodbridge Road said they would put a notice in the window to warn local dog walkers about the potential risk.

Suffolk Constabulary said there had been no reports so far of injuries involving the cocktail sausages.

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