Colchester: Big-hearted baby Mia McGlown at the heart of a cancer fundraising bid

IS this big-hearted baby the country’s youngest fundraiser?

Nine-month-old Mia McGlown has become an internet sensation after her dad made her the centrepiece of a bid to rake in thousands of pounds for cancer research.

The Colchester youngster, who is just beginning to stand independently, will raise money every time she gets to her feet.

The idea – which has netted celebrity endorsement and more than 10,000 Facebook ‘likes’ – was dreamt up by her dad Martin.

The fundraising drive is part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, a collaboration between Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK, Mr McGlown’s employer. The campaign will see a week of television programmes on cancer culminating in a live spectacular on Friday, October 19. Mr McGlown, 40, has pledged �3 every time his daughter rises to her feet that day.

Mia, who is in perfectly good health, has had her fundraising drive backed by TV presenter Davina McCall and comedian Alan Carr.

Mr McGlown, who lives near Abbey Fields and recently became engaged to Mia’s mother, Marjorie Salto, 40, said: “We’ve been quite blown away by the level of interest Mia has generated and we’re thrilled that the idea is helping to raise awareness for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign. The response via social media has been astounding and we can’t believe that she’s had more than 10,000 likes on Facebook.

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“Children’s cancer is one of the areas where amazing progress has been made. Today almost eight-out-of-10 kids with cancer survive whereas 40 years ago the figure was just three-in-10.

“We’re very fortunate that Mia and her older brothers – Josh, eight, and Harvey, seven – are healthy. Our hope is that by the time they become parents themselves, children’s cancer won’t be a worry.”

Mia’s fundraising page has raked in more than �300 in just five days.