Colchester: Burglar bites woman in hair salon

A BURGLAR bit a woman and punched another in the face after being disturbed during a break-in.

The man entered the flat above The Eden Lounge on Brooke Street through a first-floor window and went downstairs into a hairdressing salon. He was emptying the shop till when he was disturbed by the two female occupants of the flat.

He then bit one woman and punched the other before fleeing from the property.

Police were called to the scene on May 29 at 4.30am and have released an efit of the man in the hope that it will lead to his arrest.

Both women, who are in their 40s, went to the nearby hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

Investigating Officer, Dc Emma Lewis-Kennedy, said: “The motive for this break-in was clearly burglary and the man had not thought that he may have been caught in the process of stealing money from the hairdressers. He panicked and hit out at both women, biting one.

“As well as appealing to anyone who may have seen him either entering or leaving the premises on that Tuesday morning, we’re asking people to take a good look at the efit and description, and to call us if they recognise the man. He is likely to be the son or partner of someone living in the area.”

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The assailant is white, in his late teens or early 20s, has short, curly hair and was wearing a blue top over a red top at the time. He also smelt of alcohol.

Anyone with information in connection with this burglary and assault is urged to contact detectives at Colchester police station on 101.