Colchester election results

Colchester borough council election resultsBerechurch: *Terence Sutton (LD) 767, John Cooke (Lab) 587, Pauline Hazell (Con) 328, Charles Bather (Green) 134.

By Juliette Maxam

Colchester borough council election results

Berechurch: *Terence Sutton (LD) 767, John Cooke (Lab) 587, Pauline Hazell (Con) 328, Charles Bather (Green) 134. No change.

Birch & Winstree: *Kevin Bentley (Con) 1,224, Jonathan Longman (LD) 325, Abigail Tootal (Lab) 128, Samuel Elliott (Green) 108, Jeannine McAndrew (Ind) 53. No change.

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Castle: *Christopher Hall (LD) 1,122, Peter Lynn (Green) 522, Benjamin Twitchen (Con) 418, Mark Warner (Lab) 187, Stephen Miller (Ind) 57. No change.

Christ Church: *Nicholas Cope (LD) 615, Andrew Bright (Con) 468, Alexander Cave (Green) 245, David Hough (Lab) 79. No change.

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Fordham & Stour: *Christopher Arnold (Con) 942, Barry Woodward (LD) 176, Christopher Aldous (Lab) 119, Clarice Mort (Green) 114, Jack Pooley (Ind) 63 No change.

Harbour: * Patricia Blandon (LD) 762, Anne Allan (Con) 216, Rossanna Trudgian (Lab) 139, Timothy Glover (Green) 77. No change.

Highwoods: *Gerard Oxford (Ind) 1,147, David Offen (LD) 299, Susan Harper (Con) 293, Julia Thomas (Lab) 148, Keith Brooke (Green) 84.

Lexden: *Sonia Lewis (Con) 1,282, Gwendoline Ilott (LD) 385, Peter Appleton (Green) 105, Luke Dopson (Lab) 103, Susan Francis (Ind) 73. No change.

Mile End: *Nicholas Taylor (Con) 939, Michael Turrell (LD) 791, Mary Bryan (Green) 130, Janet Smith (Lab) 125, Edmund Chinnery (Ind) 46. No change.

New Town: *Theresa Higgins (LD) 1,029, Maria Iacovou (Green) 339, Scott Harris (Lab) 206. No change.

Prettygate: Susan Lissimore (Con) 1,368, *Paul Sheppard (LD) 885, Michael Dale (Lab) 186, Beverley Maltby (Green) 115. Con gain from LD.

Pyefleet: *Robert Davidson (Con) 532, Carolyn Catney (LD) 108, Timothy Oxton (Ind) 100, Tobie Glenny (Green) 67, Barbara Nichols (Lab) 60. No change.

Shrub End: Linda Barton (LD) 793, *Winifred Foster (Con) 637, David Canning (Lab/Co-op) 317, Walter Schwarz (Green) 90. LD gain from Con.

St Andrew's: *Julie Young (Lab) 922, Peter Simpson (LD) 504, Alexander Wilson (Con) 215, Sophie Lovejoy (Green) 87. No change.

St Anne's: Michael Hogg (LD)* 1,071, Kim Naish (Lab) 546, Shahid Husain (Con) 284, Lucy Glover (Green) 166. No change.

St John's: *Raymond Gamble (LD) 1,105, Simon Lucas (Con) 523, Hugh Thomas (Lab) 82, Annick Collins-Leyssen (Green) 79. No change.

Stanway: Gaye Pyman (Con) 1,000, *Colin Sykes (LD) 956, John Spademan (Lab) 193, Pamela Nelson (Green) 125. Con gain from LD.

Tiptree: John Elliott (Con) 974, Helen Bunney (Ind) 271, Audrey Spencer (Lab) 261, John W Stevens (LD) 173, Katherine Bamforth (Green) 110. Con gain from Ind.

West Bergholt & Eight Ash Green: Dennis Willetts (Con) 919, John K Stevens (LD) 253, Roger Bamforth (Green) 158, Ian Yates (Lab) 114. Con hold.

West Mersea: *John Jowers (Con) 1,389, Christopher Fox (Green) 206, James Spencer (Lab) 199, John Coombes (Ind) 176. No change.

*denotes councillor seeking re-election

Key: Con, Conservative; Green, Green Party; Lab, Labour; Lib Dem, Liberal Democrat; Ind, Independent

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