What issue takes up most of our MPs’ time?

Colchester MP Will Quince. Picture: LIBRARY

Colchester MP Will Quince. Picture: LIBRARY - Credit: Archant

When you deal with 12,236 emails in a year, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

Will Quince in parliament. Picture: LIBRARY

Will Quince in parliament. Picture: LIBRARY - Credit: Archant

But one Essex Member of Parliament has not only diligently kept all the correspondence he has received on file but broken down the cases he has looked into by topic - meaning he can reveal what issues are keeping him busy in Westminster.

Colchester MP Will Quince published a breakdown on his personal Twitter account of the 7,443 cases he and his constituency office opened during 2018.

The cases, which represent 12,236 emails, paint a revealing portrait of what subjects keep an MP busy - although the top result is perhaps not surprising.

Brexit took up the largest portion of Mr Quince’s casework, accounting for 23% of the 7,443 cases he worked on during the year.

Responses to a survey Mr Quince ran in his constituency accounted for 12% of his work, while health queries took up one in 10 cases.

Environmental issues took up 9% of casework and business issues 7%, while other issues such as education, international affairs and welfare and pensions took up fewer cases.

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Mr Quince wrote on Twitter: “I’m publishing this raw data simply as I believe my Colchester constituents will be interested to see the number of cases opened, emails received and the issues constituents raised with me in 2018.”

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