Colchester: Family upset after dog is poisoned

PET owners have been warned that their animals are at risk from a “pet poisoner” after a family’s dog had to be put down.

A vet confirmed yesterday that a mixed-breed male dog, which belonged to a family in Colchester, had been poisoned.

Speaking on behalf of the family, who did not want to be identified in the press, Colchester’s MP Bob Russell said they were very upset by the loss of a “much-loved” pet.

He has also warned other pet owners living in the Monwick estate, off Mersea Road, to keep an eye on their cats and dogs which could also be at risk from eating poisoned food.

It is believed that the dog, 13, became ill two days ago after eating meat which had been poisoned to kill foxes.

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Mr Russell said: “It is appalling that someone has behaved in such a disgraceful and irresponsible way. In an urban environment, putting down poison to kill foxes is more likely to kill family dogs and cats.

“There are foxes in this region and they can become a nuisance in an urban environment, but people should not engage in do-it-yourself poisoning. Because of this behaviour a family has lost a much-loved pet.

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“If anyone has any information as to who the culprit is, I would be pleased to hear from them.”

The MP said he would be speaking to Essex Police about the incident and asking them to take action to find the culprit and to see what action could be taken to protect pet owners.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said that people should not attempt to deal with nuisance foxes by using poison and should fox-proof their gardens instead.

“The RSPCA would recommend taking measures to deter foxes from gardens by removing or protecting anything that is likely to attract them,” a spokesman for the animal charity said.

“We would advise people to fence off fruit or vegetable crops, make sure bird food is kept in sturdy containers and remove places of shelter by blocking access to the areas under sheds and cutting down long grass.

“Putting out poison can threaten family pets and other wildlife, as has sadly happened in this case.”

For more information about foxes and how to deter them, visit and search for ‘foxes’.

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