'Shine bright Freds' - Tributes pour in for Freddie, 5

The funeral of Freddie Farrow who tragically died in an incident in Fenwick, Colchester has taken place today 

The funeral of Freddie Farrow who tragically died in an incident in Fenwick, Colchester has taken place today - Credit: Essex Police/Supplied by the family

The funeral of a five-year-old boy who tragically died in an incident at a department store in Colchester has taken place today. 

Freddie Farrow from the town sadly died as a result of his injuries on Monday, August 2 after being struck by a mirror in the Fenwick store in High Street on Tuesday, July 27.

The funeral for Freddie took place today from 10.30am at the Colchester Crematorium in Mersea Road. 

Touching tributes were paid to the five-year-old who was a pupil at  Gosbecks Primary School, in Colchester.

His mum, Natasha Ingham, said: "Freddie was such an amazing little boy. He was happy every day – always smiling and making me laugh.

"Freddie had so much love to give and he showed me this every day.

Freddie Farrow sadly died after being struck by a mirror in a Colchester department store

The touching tributes were paid to Freddie during his funeral - Credit: Essex Police/Supplied by family

"We would both tell each other how much we loved each other, and then have a little kiss.

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"Freddie would pick me daisies most days or whatever he could find, and give it to me.

"His love is endless and I am so lost without him now he is not here.

"I miss him so much; Freddie – you will always be with me wherever I go.

"Mummy and Freddie always went to the shops together because you always wanted to be with me.

"Freddie was such a clever boy especially at school with his maths. He was doing so well at school.

"I know I gave Freddie the best life he could ever have asked for.

PC Paul Ager 42002042 and PCSO Jonathan NutkinsFuneral of Freddie Farrow, five, at Colchester Crem

PC Paul Ager and PCSO Jonathan Nutkins at the Funeral of Freddie Farrow. - Credit: Essex Police

"Freddie’s comfort was my hair and even when he sat next to me, he would hold onto my hair and twiddle it round my fingers. I will miss that so much.

"I could say so much more about Freddie, the speech would go on forever.

"Forever and always in my heart. Freddie will be missed but never forgotten and I will hold in my heart that beautiful smile of yours."

Freddie's sister Sophie also read a poem during the funeral which said: "I am very lost for words; Fred Bear was my wingman, my superhero, best friend. We did everything together and was hardly ever apart.

"Seeing him every day with a beautiful smile on his face made me so happy.

"Love you Fred Bear. Goweee."

One of Freddie's relatives said: "A funny, loving, cheeky, shy, caring little boy who loves to make tracks with his cousin Leon, play with cars, go to the park and the beach.

"We will treasure memories and time we had with you and you will always be in our hearts forever.

"Love you always, my Freddie Fru Fru."

Gemma and TJ said: "Freddie … such a cheeky little boy, who loved his mummy so much. School made him nervous some days but he had such good friends around him they would always take those worries away.

"He didn’t want or ask for much and just wanted to go for walks in the woods or come and play.

"They loved their role play and TJ said that Freddie had to be Hulk.

"He adored his sister, Sophie, who was like his guardian angel – looking out always for her little brother; having fun and just letting him laugh and be him.

"In the two and a half years we have known Tasha, Sophie, Freddie and Jack, we have watched them grow as a family and become a strong unit – and since there has been so much change in those few years, kids can grow too.

"They start to lose their teeth their features change, but their beautiful smiles and gorgeous laughs remain and this is how we will remember Freddie; with a little heart of gold.

"We love you Fred and you will always be in our hearts."

Emma K aged six also read a touching poem called What is Love? She said: "Love is when you’re missing some of your teeth but you’re not afraid to smile because you know your friends will still love you, even though some of you is missing."

Sam and Logan said: "Freddie was loved by all of his class mates and will be greatly missed by all including my son, Logan.

"I will remember him smiling and running out of class with Logan and his other friends.

"Rest in peace, Little Man."

Laura and Caleb paid their respects and said: "Freddie, the cheeky fun little Ray of sunshine.

"Always full of life and love for life.

"A true friend to those who knew him and loved by all his friends.

"Caleb adored his friendship with Freddie.

"His Ray of Light will continue to shine day and night.

"Shine bright Freds."

Becca said: "Dearest Freddie thank you for always making me smile.

"You really were one in a million, from your cheeky grin to your love of seeing others happy.

"You will be so missed beautiful boy. Thank you for all my voice notes, I will treasure them forever.

"Most of all Freddie – thank you for being you.

"Love always."

Emma Bond said: "So even though I have never actually got to meet Fred in person, I had the honour of still knowing him.

"We used to talk on voice note on the way to school or he used to pop up chatting when me and his mum used to chat.

"He also made an appearance on our work zooms.

"He was always so happy and always had a cheeky, gappy smile on his face.

"He also used to say he was my handsome and I could eat him.

"You will forever be in my heart Fred."

Jo and her children Sophie and Danny said: "Freddie was such a sweet boy.

"He was always happy and enthusiastic.

"He just wanted to have fun.

"He made me laugh as he would always say 'I know' when you told him anything.

"At first, I actually thought he did know, until soon enough I realised it was his reply to even the most obscure piece of information.

"My Sophie and Danny adored Freddie, Sophie would always want to hold his hand, even during football training. 

"I always thought that in the future they would become a couple and it makes me sad to think it will never be.

"Sophie wanted me to say that Freddie is an angel now, having fun flying around in heaven.

"He will be truly missed and always in our hearts."

Jackie said: "Though a small part of you has left us Freddie, you will be remembered every day.

"Your cheeky, toothy, shy smile that lit up when I asked you if you wanted to feed the fish. 

"You loved that pond and your important job and I think of your sudden interest in the toys in the toy box that Mummy had given me because you never played with them.

"Sometimes wanting to take them home again too! And the crane you loved to attach anything and everything to, whatever was nearby!

"So you will never be forgotten darling boy. You will play here always."

Emergency services were called to the Fenwick store in Colchester High Street on the morning of Tuesday, July 27 after Freddie was injured.

Fenwicks department store in Colchester. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

The incident occurred at Fenwick in Colchester - Credit: Archant

The youngster received first-aid from store staff, fire crews and police officers who were at the scene.

He was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries, but tragically died from his injuries a week later.

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