Colchester: Reward after student’s laptop is among items stolen

Thieves have stolen two laptops from a house in Colchester

Thieves have stolen two laptops from a house in Colchester - Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

A STUDENT is offering a reward after a laptop containing her studies was stolen.

Thieves broke into a house in Hickory Avenue, Colchester, through a set of patio doors on April 6 between 9am and 9pm.

They stole a black laptop with a German keyboard and another laptop with a French keyboard as well as two televisions, an electric notebook and a pillowcase.

One of the victims, 22-year-old Doriane Hardy, is willing to offer a reward for the return of her laptop in its original condition.

She said: “The laptop and what is stored on it means a lot to me as my studies depend on what was stolen which is why I’m willing to offer a cash reward for its recovery.

“I would want it returned to Colchester police station in its original condition and with all the data on the hard drive still present and accessible.

“People can hand it in at the front desk and leave their details after which I can contact them to discuss the amount of reward money.

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“It does all depend on the state of the computer when it is handed in.” A forensic examination of the property was conducted as well as house-to-house enquiries.

Investigating officer Dc Claire Jennings said: “The laptops belong to a couple of students who had years of study stored on them. “The one with the French keyboard is password protected so I doubt this will be of any value to anyone.

“Sadly, unlike her fellow housemate, its owner did not back up her studies.

“This burglary was carried out during daylight hours on a Saturday and would have required some form of transport.

“We would urge people to cast their minds back to the start of the month and recall whether they mistook these thieves for house-movers and so thought nothing of them moving electrical equipment out of this house on the Greenstead Estate.”

Anyone with information should call detectives at Colchester police station on 101.