Colchester: Thief took jewellery while couple were downstairs

POLICE are investigating after a burglar took jewellery of sentimental value while the owners were downstairs.

The break-in happened in Irvine Road, Colchester, on October 21, when the thief climbed over a flat roof and forced open an upstairs window.

The two residents were downstairs in the lounge unaware that the thief was upstairs searching bedrooms sometime between 6.30pm and 10.30pm.

Investigating officer Dc Amanda Beck said: “The couple later discovered that jewellery valued a three-figure sum and of great sentimental value had been stolen.

“The items were all more than 50 years old and included: a gold engagement ring with emerald and diamond stones - the ring is slightly damaged and bent out of shape; an eternity ring diamond with three dark red garnet stones; a signet gold ring with Hungarian engraving; a gold cross and chain; a gold heart-shaped pendant with multi-coloured stones and a gold pendant and chain with a damaged chain.”

Anyone with information or the whereabouts of any of the jewellery should call Dc Beck at Colchester Target Team on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.