Colchester: Thieves steal high-value jewellery from partially deaf couple

THIEVES broke into a home while partially deaf owners were inside the property unaware of the crime taking place.

The break-in happened when thieves used a ladder to access the rear window of a house on Smythies Avenue, Colchester, and then smashed it to gain entry. While inside they ransacked the property between 9pm and 10pm on October 11 and stole several items of jewellery.

The homeowners were inside at the time, but did not hear anything due to their partial deafness.

Investigating Officer, Dc Hannah Richardson, said: “High-value jewellery has been stolen which is very special to the couple and cannot be replaced due to the age of the jewellery and the fact that some of it was handed down through the family.”

Staff at pawnbrokers or shops that purchase gold are urged to look out for high-value solid gold sovereign earrings, sovereign bracelets with encased sovereigns, a five-piece gold coin in casing on a gold chain, a two-piece gold coin in casing on a gold chain and a man’s Markeseat watch.

A forensic examination of the scene has been carried out. Call police on 101.