Colchester traffic schemes welcomed by local councillor

Work underway at the new Colchester Park and Ride

Work underway at the new Colchester Park and Ride - Credit: Lucy taylor

Proposed road improvements for Colchester put forward by County Hall have been welcomed by a local councillor.

The East Anglian Daily Times exclusively revealed yesterday a series of planned measures to alleviate congestion around the town put forward by Essex County Council.

These include enlarging the Colne Bank Avenue roundabout, moving a pedestrian crossing close to the junction, and reversing the flow of traffic along one-way Priory Street in the town centre.

Yesterday they were outlined in more detail at a transport symposium, and Anne Turrell, deputy leader of Colchester Borough Council (CBC) and councillor for regeneration, said she welcomed the proposals.

Confirmation was also given that the town’s new Park & Ride (P&R) scheme was scheduled to begin in mid-April, after Easter.

Mrs Turrell, also a borough and county councillor for Myland in north Colchester, affected by many of the plans, said: “When I first joined the CBC cabinet in 2008 P&R was my objective, so I’m absolutely delighted that is finally coming.

“I understand all the tweaks are necessary, and there has been some pain with roadworks to see some happen already – the traffic is awful. But once it is all open it should help to relieve that, once people get used to it.

“It has everywhere else and I can’t see Colchester bucking the trend.

“It all makes sense.

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“The only issue is why was this not done sooner? Why have we suffered for so long?

“Some of these are just tweaks and could have been looked at and dealt with years ago, when there was less traffic on the road.

“But I am just glad they are doing it.”

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