Colchester: Two house burglaries could be linked

HOMEOWNERS are being urged to lock their windows after two properties were hit by burglars in Colchester.

The first break-in happened when thieves entered a house in Forest Road through an unlocked window between 1pm on July 8 and 3pm on July 11.

In the other burglary, the offenders gained entry through an unlocked window between 2.30pm and 3.30pm on July 11.

In both incidents large-screen televisions and games consoles were stolen.

Investigating officer Dc Natalie King said: “There have been quite a few burglaries in and around Colchester where thieves have been entering properties through insecure doors.

“People must lock up properly. We urge people to close and lock their doors when leaving their premises or before going to be as opportunist thieves do operate in the area.

“Even rear gates to gardens should be secured. A padlocked gate will often deter a burglar and will certainly make it harder for them to leave with any stolen items if they have broken into the house.”

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Forensic examinations of both properties were carried out.

Dc King added: “These two properties that were burgled are not that far away from each other so we’re not ruling out the possibility that the same person or people may be responsible for both, and possibly other break-ins in the area.”

Anyone with information should call detectives at Colchester police station on 101.

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