Colchester: Vicar takes up film-making to spread the Christian message

Rev Andrew Fordyce

Rev Andrew Fordyce - Credit: Archant

A vicar has turned his hand to film-making in the hope he can use short movies to spread the Christian message.


- Credit: Archant

Rev Andrew Fordyce, who is based at St Margaret’s Berechurch church, in Colchester, took study leave earlier this year and enrolled onto a film-making course in Manchester. With the help of a grant, he has bought the necessary digital equipment.

He has already made a number of short films and one about the history of Christians in Colchester is due to go live on YouTube in January. He also has plans to show the films to parishioners in church.

Mr Fordyce, who studied for a degree in Theatre Studies, before training to be a minister, said: “I’ve always been a visual person - and do subscribe to the idea that ‘a picture can paint a 1,000 words’.

“I’d like to make more films that relate the church to Colchester - whether it be using the town as a back drop or looking at its Christian heritage. Jesus often had a sense of place in his sermons - such as the farmers sowing seeds in their fields - and I think it makes it easier for people to relate to a message.”

A busy husband, father and vicar, Mr Fordyce says his film-making style involves quick-fire pieces to camera, well-suited for the Internet generation - a demographic he would like to reach.

“I think we’d all accept that the Internet is a wonderful resource but that not all the stuff on it is particularly healthy, so in some way my messages might help readdress the balance a bit.

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“In some ways film-making today is bit like punk was in the 1970s where people just picked up a guitar and away they went.

By the same token, everybody is having a go at film-making and I feel it is the right course for me.”

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