Colchester women barred for life from keeping animals after cat cruelty

Elsa, the neglected cat.

Elsa, the neglected cat. - Credit: Archant

Two women from Colchester have been banned from keeping animals for life after their neglected cat was found collapsed and with only half an ear in a neighbour’s garden.

Elsa, an elderly white cat had to be put down after she was discovered lying under decking in a back garden in September last year. She was emaciated, covered in fleas and was missing the whole of one ear, and half of the other one.

Her owners Carol Proudfoot, 56, and Angela Bolat, 52, both of Winnock Road, appeared at Colchester Magistrates Court yesterday for sentencing.

As well as their ban they were given a prison sentence of 12 weeks, suspended for a year, fined £2,500 each and must pay £1,582 costs between them.

They had previously pleaded guilty to animal welfare offences relating to failing to provide veterinary treatment for Elsa’s ears.

RSPCA inspector Caroline Richardson said: “This poor cat was in such a horrific state - it broke my heart.

“She was as near to death as she could be - cold and damp and just lying there, barely moving. She was too weak to even lift her head and so thin that all her entire spine and shoulder blades were prominent.

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“Her teeth were rotten, with many missing, and one ear was half missing with crusty edges and the other entirely missing - just an infected hole.

“It was incredibly distressing to see how poorly she had been allowed to get without any help. No-one could have missed the fact that she was ill.”

Elsa was taken straight to a vet by the RSPCA, who said she was so unwell that the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep.