Colchester: Worker has ‘I love Argos’ tattooed on leg

AN Argos worker showed his dedication to his job - by having the company’s name tattooed on his leg.

Wacky Wayne Page stunned his family and friends when he declared he would be getting “I love Argos” permanently inked onto his leg.

Amazingly the 37-year-old from Colchester was inspired to get the tattoo done just to improve his store’s fundraising record.

He said: “My wife, Fiona, thinks that I am mad and everybody I have spoke to has said ‘you are nuts’ but I am not bothered.

“There are far worse tattoos that I could have.

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“I don’t tend to get my legs out that much as I don’t like wearing shorts but it will probably be a really hot summer now so it may well be on display for everyone to see.”

Wayne, a stock manager for the chain’s store in Clacton decided to have the tattoo done to help raise vital funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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He said: “Hopefully people will understand the reasons behind and I hope that no-one would criticise something that is for such a worthwhile cause.

“We were sat in a meeting at work and had been told we were one of the bottom stores for our fundraising efforts and I thought ‘we can’t have this, I need to do something out of the ordinary’.

“Out of the blue, I said ‘I will have ‘I love Argos’ tattooed on to my leg - nobody in the company will have one of those. I am going to push the boat out and go for it.

“We went straight across the road to book it straight away so that I could not back down.”

The dad-of-five said his kids also thought he was crazy but said they respected his reasons for doing it.

He said: “For me - this meant so much as cancer in children strikes home more than anything else - it is bad at any age but for children to get cancer is just horrific.

“Even my area manager said ‘I have heard of people doing having their head shaved or their legs shaved for charity but I don’t think anyone will ever top that.

“ I am sure that everyone in the company - right up to the very top - have heard about it.”

Wayne has worked for Argos for 16 years and says he won’t regret his ink even if he leaves the company.

He said: “They are not a bad company to work for and I have had some really good times there, met some great people, and hopefully I will be there for a long while to come.

“A friend of mine said ‘they can’t get rid of you, now that you have that’ and I can’t see myself going anywhere else - but whatever the future holds, I won’t regret the tattoo.”

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