Colchester Zoo mourns loss of Subu the lion

Colchester Zoo has announced that its male African Lion, Subu, has died.

Colchester Zoo has announced that its popular male African Lion, Subu, has died.

The 20-year-old lion was being closely monitored by his keepers after concern about his health and following a veterinary examination it was decided that he required further medical investigation.

A final veterinary examination was carried out last Thursday, and on veterinary advice, the decision was made that the “only option” was to put him down.

It later emerged that the popular beast had been suffering from chronic active spinal arthritis which caused the symptoms seen in his deteriorating health.

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Anthony Tropeano, zoo director, said: “Subu was one of the zoo’s great characters, well-known to staff and visitors alike.

“I have worked with him for 21 years and feel his passing is an end to an era. He will be greatly missed.”

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Subu was born at Woburn Safari Park in 1989 and came to Colchester Zoo in December that year along with his two sisters Ashanti and Massing when they were just 8 months old.

He was a prominent figure at the zoo and his roars could often be heard throughout the park around his feeding times.

The enclosure at Lion Rock is currently unoccupied during this time.

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