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Voters have taking to polling stations in Colchester. Picture: RUI VIEIRA/PA

Voters have taking to polling stations in Colchester. Picture: RUI VIEIRA/PA - Credit: PA

Colchester remains a hung council today – despite the Conservatives coming within a single seat of being able to form a majority on the borough.

The Tories caused the shock of the night by taking the St Anne’s and St John’s seat held by Liberal Democrat council leader Paul Smith.

The Conservatives defended eight seats, and won two from the Liberal Democrats. Labour held three and gained one from the Lib Dems. And the Lib Dems defended one, and stole one from Labour. Independent Philip Oxford retained his Highwoods seat – and his three-strong group will be the kingmakers at the borough.

The Liberal Democrats have one seat more than Labour on the authority – but the make-up of the next Colchester administration still has to become clear.

The makeup of Colchester Borough Council now stands at: Tories 25 seats, Labour 11, Lib Dems 12 and Independent three.

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Here are the full results:

• Berechurch: Andrew Bright (C) 510, Andrew Brooke (G) 75, Michael Spindler (LD) 178, Martyn Warnes (Lab/CO) 1,275 – Labour hold

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• Castle: Simon Crow (C) 931, Norma Dinnie-Weall (Lab) 750, Mark Goacher (G) 920, Joesphine Hayes (LD) 434 – Conservative hold

• Greenstead: John Baker (LD) 245, Tina Bourne (Lab) 1,078, John Clifton (G) 67, Fabian Green (C) 502, Christopher Lee (Ind) 203 – Labour hold

• Highwoods: Gary Braddy (Lab) 314, Philip Oxford (Ind) 926, Stephen Rowe (C) 563, Robert Spence (G) 75, Michael Turrell (LD) 161 – Independent hold

• Lexden and Braiswick: Susan Bailey (G) 181, John Challen (Lab) 338, Brian Jarvis (C) 1,812, Thomas Stevenson (LD) 407 – Conservative hold

• Marks Tey and Layer: Neil Gilbranch (Ind) 414, Mark Hull (LD) 224, Jacqueline Maclean (C) 1,493, John Spademan (Lab) 275, Matthew Stemp (G) 106 – Conservative hold

• Mersea and Pyefleet: John Akker (Ind) 1,202, Peter Banks (G) 374, Robert Davidson (C) 1,373, Michael Gilheany (Lab) 219, Gemma Graham (LD) 99 – Conservative hold

• Mile End: Pauline Bacon (Lab) 353, David King (LD) 1,179, Amanda Kirke (G) 98, Jason Leonard (Ind) 44, Thomas Rowe (C) 728 – Lib Dems hold

• New Town and Christchurch: Robert Brannan (G) 177, Edward Chinnery (Ind) 74, Annesley Hardy (C) 780, Catherine Spindler (LD) 816, Lorcan Whitehead (Lab) – Labour gain from Lib Dems

• Old Heath and The Hythe: Andrew Canessa (G) 129, Matthew Craven (LD) 228, Christopher Hill (Ind) 93, Michael McDonnell (C) 505, Lee Scordis (Lab) 1,525 – Labour hold

• Prettygate: Roger Buston (C) 1,820, Michael Dale (Lab/CO) 592, Edward Hill (LD) 355, Clare Palmer (G) 216 – Conservative hold

• Rural North: Roger Bamforth (G) 281, William Brown (LD) 298, Peter Chillingworth (C) 2,015, Judith Short (Lab) 348 – Conservative hold

• Shrub End: Michael Clark (Ind) 77, Wolfgang Fauser (G) 50, Pauline Hazell (C) 777, Samuel McCarthy (LD) 507, Isobel Merry (Lab) 622 – Conservative hold

• St Anne’s and St John’s: Gregory Edwards (Lab) 346, Christopher Hayter (C) 1,206, Kristine Lee (Ind) 97, Megan Maltby (G) 106, Paul Smith (LD) 1,026 – Conservatives gain from Lib Dems

• Stanway: Paul Dundas (C) 1,014, Catherine Francis (G) 87, Jessica Scott-Boutell (LD) 874, Carole Spademan (Lab) 230 – Conservatives gain from Lib Dems

• Tiptree: Daniel Eriksson (LB) 197, Derek Loveland (C) 1,423, Peter Lynn (G) 114, Barbara Nichols (Lab) 404 – Conservatives hold

• Wivenhoe: Liam Gallagher (C) 328, Andrea Luxford Vaughan (LD) 1,542, Janice Scott (Lab/CO) 1,143, Claudia Uller (G) 105 – Lib Dems gains from Labour

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