Convicted rapist moves to market town

A CONVICTED rapist has moved his caravan from outside women's toilets in Long Melford to Wickham Market.

A CONVICTED rapist has moved his caravan from outside women's toilets in Long Melford to Wickham Market.

Robert Johnson, 44, arrived in the town on Sunday evening after Long Melford Parish Council decided to take legal action.

Mr Johnson was jailed for nine years in 1992 for raping a woman aged 23 at knife-point in Witnesham.

It is believed his elderly mother lives in Wickham Market.

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His caravan is in the car park operated by Suffolk Coastal District Council opposite an old people's home.

A spokesman for the district council said: “Since the caravan was discovered, the council has been working with the police to find the quickest solution to this unwanted and illegal intrusion.

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“Caravans of any sort are not allowed in this car park, and overnight parking is also banned.”

Villagers admit they are extremely concerned by the sudden appearance of Mr Johnson in Wickham Market.

The caravan was spotted on Sunday evening by villager Scott Moore. The 24-year-old car valeter also saw a man walking near the car park with a ferret on his shoulder.

Mr Moore said: “I didn't see a car with the caravan so perhaps somebody moved it for him. Suffolk Coastal District Council sent out officers this morning and they took some photographs of the caravan.

“It is an eyesore and there have been crowds of people pointing it out. It is a shock to realise that this has turned up on your doorstep, beside a doctors' surgery and an old people's home.”

A villager aged 38, who declined to be named, said Mr Johnson had chosen a totally inappropriate location to park his caravan and live.

He said: “Not only is he by a doctors' surgery and old people's home, but he is 200 to 300 yards from the ladies toilets. He is also five minutes away from the primary school.”

Anne-Marie Breach, a spokeswoman with Suffolk police, said: “Police are aware and are liaising with local authorities.”

Before Sunday evening, Mr Johnson had parked his caravan just six feet from public toilets in picturesque Long Melford. He had been there since May.

Mr Johnson was unavailable for comment last night.

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