50 more pub quiz questions to try out on family and friends

When was the siege of Colchester and more pub quiz questions for coronavirus lockdown Picture: COLCH

When was the siege of Colchester and more pub quiz questions for coronavirus lockdown Picture: COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL - Credit: COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL

Staying in tonight and avoiding the rush of pub-goers? Here are 50 more quiz question ideas to use for Zoom chats with family and friends.

All answers to this quiz can be found at the bottom of this article.

Round 1 – Geography

1. What is the capital city of Nepal?

2. Which river flows through Paris?

3. On which island was the second ‘Mamma Mia’ film set?

4. What is the highest active volcano in Europe?

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5. What is the world’s biggest port?

6. What colour is the spot in the middle of the Japanese flag?

7. From which Spanish town does chorizo originate?

8. In which city is the Vatican City?

9. What does each star on the flag of the United States stand for?

10. In which ocean is Fiji?

Round 2 – Film and TV

1. Who directed Titanic, Avatar and The Terminator?

2. In which army-themed TV series did Michelle Kegan star as the lead role?

3. In Finding Nemo, which character says “Fish are friends, not food”?

4. What is the name of the sword wielded by Arya Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’?

5. For which blockbuster film did Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar?

6. In what US state is ‘Breaking Bad’ set?

7. Which Gogglebox star went on to win ‘I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!’

8. In the movie ‘Anchorman’, what instrument does Ron Burgundy play?

9. What is the highest grossing TV series of all time?

10. After ‘Pulp Fiction’, Uma Therman next starred in which Quentin Tarantino film?

Round 3 – Sport

1. What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?

2. What boxing weight class is heaviest – flyweight, bantam weight or feather weight?

3. Which horse is the only one to win the Grand National three times?

4. In which month is Wimbledon held?

5. How many players are there in a rugby league team?

6. The Super Bowl is held annually for which sport?

7. What is the term given for three consecutive strikes in 10-pin bowling?

8. How many positions are there in a netball team?

9. Who won the 2019 women’s world cup?

10. What is the name of the F1 champion who suffered horrific burns during a racing accident in 1976?

Round 4 – History

1. On which day was Sir Charles Dickens born?

2. Who invented the plug in 1904?

3. In what city was John F. Kennedy assassinated?

4. When did tobacco arrive in England?

5. Which elements did Marie Curie discover?

6. Which king preceded Queen Victoria?

7. What was the name of the dog which found the stolen Jules Rimet World Cup trophy?

8. What was the name of the gang responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?

9. Where did the Great Fire of London begin?

10. In which year was the Siege of Colchester?

Round 5 – General Knowledge

1. What is the name of music star Rihanna’s make-up brand?

2. What do palaeontologists study?

3. Where was the TV show ‘Broadchurch’ filmed?

4. What is the largest domestic cat breed?

5. How long does a tulip tree take to bloom?

6. Where did Fred and Rose West live?

7. What mix breed of dog is a poochon?

8. In what year did The Beatles split?

9. What has the lowest boiling and melting points of all the elements?

10. In which cocktail would you expect to find an olive?


Round 1 – Geography

1. Kathmandu

2. The Seine

3. Vis (in Croatia)

4. Mount Etna, Sicily (bonus point if you named Sicily)

5. The Port of Shanghai

6. Red

7. Candelario

8. Rome

9. A state

10. Pacific

Round 2 – Film and TV

1. James Cameron

2. Our Girl

3. Bruce the Shark

4. Needle

5. The Revenant

6. New Mexico

7. Scarlett Moffatt

8. Jazz flute

9. M*A*S*H ($105 million - bonus point if you got this)

10. Kill Bill

Round 3 – Sport

1. Yellow, black, green, blue and red

2. Featherweight

3. Red Rum

4. July

5. 13

6. American Football

7. Turkey

8. 7

9. USA

10. Niki Lauda

Round 4 – History

1. February 7, 1812

2. Harvey Hubbell

3. Dallas

4. July 27, 1586 (bonus point for exact date)

5. Radium and polonium

6. King William IV

7. Pickles

8. Black Hand Gang

9. Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane

10. June 12, 1648 to August 28, 1648 (bonus points if you get the exact dates)

Round 5 – General Knowledge

1. Fenty

2. Dinosaurs

3. West Bay, Dorset

4. Maine Coon

5. 10 years

6. 25 Cromwell Street

7. Poodle and Bichon Frise

8. 1970

9. Fluorine

10. Martini

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