Could you love lonely Lola?

TO fans of Harry Potter, her face may be more than recognisable.

Anthony Bond

TO fans of Harry Potter, her face may be more than recognisable.

But despite a striking resemblance to Fang, Hagrid's large boarhound, Lola's life so far has been anything but magical.

The three-and-a-half year old Neapolitan bullmastiff was handed into Pampered Pets dog rescue centre, in Hacheston, near Woodbridge, two weeks ago. She had one eye missing and was suffering the effects of being fed just one fishfinger a day.

She is now desperately seeking loving new owners.

Jane Lee, owner of Pampered Pets, said: “I could not believe that anybody could abuse an animal in such a way. I have been doing this for 20 years and it is one of the worst cases that I have seen. It is awful.”

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Since being given to the centre, Lola has been to the vets where her other eye was saved.

Mrs Lee said: “It is a very sad story. But she is very loving and absolutely adorable and just needs a home. If anybody has got any compassion and has the room for her, they would have a beautiful friend for life because she is a really wonderful dog. Not many people would give her a home but somebody very special out there will.

“There must be some people that know that breed of dog and love it and can give her a good home. If not, then perhaps we can ask people to send donations in to help us to keep her. But she really needs a good home. She is not getting the individual care that she needs.”

If anyone is interested in Lola, or any other dogs at the centre, call 01728 747760.