Council kicks up a stink over sewage works’ odour

A WATER company has pledged to banish the bad smells which are affecting people who live and work near to its sewage plant.

The commitment was made by Anglian Water after it was brought to task by Colchester Borough Council over the “nuisance” smells which are escaping from its treatment works in Haven Way, Colchester.

The company, which has been served with an odour abatement notice by the council, said they had been working towards a solution to the problem “for some time”.

A spokesman added: “Since the abatement notice was served we have spent �25,000 on the inlet pumping station to improve its performance.

“Our engineers are also looking to see where investment in specialist odour management equipment will bring more improvements as well as refurbishing existing equipment, where required.

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“Anglian Water is in regular communication with the local environmental health department and working hard to rectify any odour issues.”

The council served notice on Anglian Water following the failure of initial works to improve the smell and complaints from businesses and residents.

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Belinda Pearse, the council’s environmental control manager, said: “The council carried out a full investigation into the problem and found that the odour represented a statutory nuisance.

“Steps taken to address the issue were unsuccessful and the council was concerned about the ongoing impact on residents of Old Heath, Rowhedge, the Hythe, Greenstead and neighbouring businesses.

“The council felt that an abatement notice was necessary to ensure that works to improve odour levels are completed within a reasonable time scale.”

Cllr Martin Hunt, who is responsible for street and waste services, said: “Addressing the needs of our residents is paramount.

“Colchester is a sustainable, clean borough, where any environmental complaints are dealt with as efficiently as possible. Residents deserve to be proud of the area where they live.”

Soreena Cobden, manager of Hythe Community Centre which is about half a mile from the plant, said the smell was affecting the different groups that used the facility.

“At times the smell can be disgusting,” she said. “There were a few occasions this summer when we had to shut all the windows to keep the smell out, even though it was so hot.

“Some days we can smell it all the time and others it’s not so bad – I think it depends on the direction of the wind.

“Anything that can be done to stop it smelling so awful would be welcomed.”

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