Garden waste collections and other services suspended

Brown bin garden waste collection services have been suspended by West Suffolk Council. Picture: GRE

Brown bin garden waste collection services have been suspended by West Suffolk Council. Picture: GREGG BROWN - Credit: Gregg Brown

Garden waste collections are to be suspended and street cleaning scaled back by West Suffolk Council in a bid to divert resources elsewhere to fight the impact of coronavirus.

West Suffolk Council leader John Griffiths. Picture: MARIAM GHAEMI

West Suffolk Council leader John Griffiths. Picture: MARIAM GHAEMI - Credit: MARIAM GHAEMI

The council has announced that from Monday March 30, the brown bin garden waste collection will be frozen to allow redeployment of crews for essential collections.

Subscribers to the service - which costs £43 a year - are being asked to store it in their gardens or to compost it until services can resume.

However the council says householders will not lose out as it will extend the subscription year by however long it is suspended.

All residents are asked please, to please keep garden waste out of their black bin either by storing in the garden for the time being or by home composting.

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Other measures being taken are the suspension of the bulky waste collection until further notice, while grass cutting and street cleaning will be scaled back while ensuring public safety.

Emergency tree work will take place but routine scheduled work is suspended.

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New appointments for MOTs in council workshops are also being suspended.

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The council said it would be talking to customers with existing appointments, including taxi drivers, to establish what was needed to keep them on the road.

John Griffiths, the leader of West Suffolk Council, said: “The council is making sure we can continue to deliver the essential services our communities and businesses need as well as the new measures the government has asked councils to provide.

“This includes following advice and instructions from health bodies and the government to care for the vulnerable and support our businesses.

“We are implementing plans already in place for such eventualities including, as now, redeploying staff to where they are most needed

“We are also responding to the serious impact COVID-19 is having on individuals, communities and our businesses, with further measures to help ease the burdens they are facing.”

Mr Griffiths said council information was updated regularly and advised people to follow West Suffolk Council on social media and visit its website.

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