Counting costs in Chelmsford

CHELMSFORD All out electionNo overall control. Liberal Democrats provide leader1999 election result: Lib Dem 28, Con 21, Lab 5, Ind 2Now: Lib Dem 26, Con 22, Lab 5, Ind 3Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield (2): Hilary Chad (Lab), *Alan Dixon (Ind), Paul Matthews (Lab), *Richard Poulter (Con), Ronald Saunders (Con), *David Whiting (LD), Edward Williamson.

By Roddy Ashworth


All out election

No overall control. Liberal Democrats provide leader

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1999 election result: Lib Dem 28, Con 21, Lab 5, Ind 2

Now: Lib Dem 26, Con 22, Lab 5, Ind 3

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Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield (2): Hilary Chad (Lab), *Alan Dixon (Ind), Paul Matthews (Lab), *Richard Poulter (Con), Ronald Saunders (Con), *David Whiting (LD), Edward Williamson.

Boreham and the Leighs (2): Vivienne Davies (LD), *John Galley (Con), Timothy MacGregor (Lab), Sarah Mackrory (LD), Philip Wilson (Con).

Broomfield and The Walthams (3): *Delmas Ashford (Con), Anna-Marie Broadhead (LD), Andrew Dearman (Lab), William Evans (Lab), Jason Need (Con), *Graham Pooley (LD), Michael Powell (Lab), Deborah Richardson (LD), *Alan Willsher (Con).

Chelmer Village and Baulieu Park (3): *Ronald Alcock (Con), *Neil Gulliver (Con), *Duncan Lumley (Con), Andrew Robson (LD), James Russell (Lab), John Styles (LD), Robert Webb (LD).

Chelmsford Rural West (1): Nicolette Chambers (Con), *Philip Evans (LD), Barry Williams (Lab).

Galleywood (2): Muriel Briault (Lab), James Hutchon (LD), John Mountain (LD), Roger Patterson (Lab), *Janette Potter (Con), *David Stevenson (Con).

Goat Hall (2): Susan Ford-Sumner (Con), Vernon Makin (Con), *Freda Mountain (LD), Brian Whitelaw (Lab and Co-op), John Williams (LD).

Great Baddow East (3): Kenneth Carr (Con), Ivy Day (Con), Carol Kemp (Lab), David Laing (Lab), Peter Martin (Con), *Trevor Miller (LD), *Christine Rycroft (LD), Andrew Sosin (LD), Ernest Webb (Lab).

Great Baddow West (2): Kerry Abel (Lab), Joanna Grinrod (Lab), Peter Hindle (Con), *Margaret Hutchon (LD), Roy Moore (Con), Janetta Sosin (LD).

Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon: Colin Budgey (Green), Paul Chaplin (LD), Lester Crichton (LD), *Maurice Hurrell (Con), *Christopher Kingsley (Con), Donald Newton (Lab), Lawrence O'Brien (LD), *Ian Wright (Con).

Marconi: Jennifer Alefounder (Con), Susan Harvey (LD), Clive Hodges (Con), *William Horslen (Lab), *Adrian Longden (Lab), Richard Pennicard (LD).

Moulsham and Central: Patrick Baldwin (Lab and Co-op), Peter Brooks (LD), Peter Dixon (Lab and Co-op), *Keith Francis (LD), Sameh Hindi (Con), Robert Jones (Lab and Co-op), *David Lee (Con), Clive Secluna (LD), Stephen Stratton (Ind), Timothy Worrall (Con).

Moulsham Lodge (2): *Philip Firth (LD), Frederick Grindrod (Lab), Pauline Hepworth (Con), *David Jones (Lib Dem), David Kimberlin (Con), John Knott (Lab).

Patching Hall (3): Alan Arnot (LD), Richard Campion (Con), Roy Chad (Lab), Peter Charman (LD), David Howell (Lab), Michael McCullough (Con), Sean O'Sullivan (Lab), *Thomas Smith-Hughes (LD), Nicholas Stevenson (Con), Angela Thomson (Green).

Rettendon and Runwell (2): *John Little (Con), *Eileen Mickleborough (Ind), Benjamin Owen (LD), Raymond Ride (Con).

St Andrews (3): *Elaine Baldwin (Lab), John Candler (Con), *John Devane (Lab), Simon Jones (LD), Russell Kennedy (L), Patricia Marchand (Con), Kathleen Pauley (Con), John Trustrum (LD), Thomas Willis (LD).

South Hanningfield, Stock and Margaretting (2): George Allan (LD), Nancy Edwards (LD), Ian Grundy (Con), Carol Stevens (Lab), *Roy Whitehead (Con).

South Woodham – Chetwood and Collingwood (3): *James Allen (Con), Matthew Lewis (LD), *Maureen Moulds (Con), *Christopher Stephenson (Con), Noel Sutcliffe (LD), David Sykes (LD), Catherine Trevaldwyn (Lab).

South Woodham – Elmwood and Woodville (3): James Barnett (Lab), Judith Deakin (LD), Linda-Anne Denston (Con), Robert Denston (Con), Max Gibson (Lab), *Jenifer Goldfinch (LD), Patricia Hughes (Con), Alison Hurst (Lab), *Paul Martin (Ind), *Ian Roberts (LD).

Springfield North (3): Steven Haigh (Lab), Margaret Horslen (Lab), Karen Kennedy (Lab), *Pamela Lane (LD), William Lane (LD), *Michael Mackrory (LD), Graham McGhie (Con), David Sismey (Con), Anthony West (Con).

The Lawns (2): Eleanor Burgess (Green), *Anthony Hall (LD), *Philip Harvey (LD), Pamela Joughin (Con), Robert Miller (Lab), Alan Rigg (Lab), Yvonne Spence (Con).

Trinity (2): Susan Davis (LD), Roderick Essery (Lab), Ian Gale (LD), *Paul Hutchinson (Con), Prudence Jones (Lab), Alastair Tween (Con).

Waterhouse Farm (2): Maurice Austin (Lab Co-op), Joan Bliss (Lab Co-op), Lorraine Cobbold (LD),*John Hunnable (LD), Anthony Lipman (Con), Christopher Wickers (Con).

Writtle (2): Richard De Ville (Green), Barry Grainger (Lab), Thomas Mahon (Ind), Susan O'Brien (Lab), Angela Robinson (LD), Stephen Robinson (LD), Timothy Roper (Con), *Anthony Sach (Con).

Figure in brackets denotes number of councillors to be elected

* denotes councillors seeking re-election.

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Labour & Co-opeartive (Lab Co-op), Liberal Democrat (Lib Dem), Green Party (Green), Independent (Ind)

Some Labour candidates are standing under the Labour and Co-operative Party banner

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