Couple in eighties in rural Suffolk left without phone for three weeks

David and Margaret Myles (83 and 81) have been left without phone or internet for almost three weeks

David and Margaret Myles (83 and 81) have been left without phone or internet for almost three weeks after their phoneline was accidentally disconnected - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An elderly couple from Brandeston have been without a phone or internet connection for almost three weeks due to an unexplained blunder by BT.

David and Margaret Myles, aged 83 and 81, moved to Suffolk in February to be closer to family, and had not experienced any problems with their phone until a new neighbour moved into the house next door to theirs in early November.

They immediately contacted their provider, which at the time was Plusnet, who explained that an error in connecting their neighbour’s phone had caused their number to have been lost.

Mr Myles said he was told Plusnet would not be able to install a new line until the end of November, and recommended him to call BT who are usually able to provide the service within 48 hours.

As advised, the couple made enquiries with BT, however have still not had their phonelines reconnected.

The couple do have a mobile phone, however due to the rural location of their home often struggle to get a good reception and are at time have been forced to make calls outside.

“We are having terrible trouble with BT,” said Mr Myles. “My wife and I are both in our eighties and live out in the sticks.

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“We have been on at them endlessly. We get promises, we were told it was going to be connected, we were told it had been expedited, that happened two or three times and we are just having endless trouble over it.

“We have got a daughter-in-law in hospital, we have relatives abroad who can’t contact us.

“The mobile reception is not great at all. At times we have to stand out in the garden in order to get a signal and if it’s raining it’s not a lot of fun.”

Following enquiries made with BT by the EADT as to what was causing the delay, Mr and Mrs Myles received a call from BT who promised to update them on the issue on Monday.

A spokesman for BT said: “We are very sorry for the delays on this order.

“After urgently investigating this, it requires some additional engineering works that need to carried out before the line can be put into service.

“We are doing all we can to get this completed as quickly as possible and will be in contact directly with Mr and Mrs Myles to apologise and keep them updated on progress.”

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