Couple's desperate bid to save woman

A COUPLE have today revealed how they rushed to the aid of a critically ill woman who collapsed outside their home.

A COUPLE have today revealed how they rushed to the aid of a critically ill woman who collapsed outside their home.

Emma and Christopher Cason both tried to resuscitate Amanda Bennett, staying by her side until paramedics arrived to take her to Ipswich Hospital. However she died 36 hours later on Friday morning.

The couple's part in the drama began when Mrs Cason noticed the woman with a man in the car park below their Cambridge Drive flat at around 7pm on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old watched with her husband as the pair appeared to sway around as though drunk.

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Mr Cason, a 40-year-old volunteer worker said: “They looked like they'd had a few drinks between them.

“She started to slouch against the wall.

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“The man was emptying packets from a holdall and he was holding a small black case.”

Mrs Cason immediately phoned emergency services and went down to check on the woman. She looked on as the man she had seen from her window attempted to bring the woman round.

“He tried slapping her in the face,” said Mrs Cason.

“Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was dead - it was horrible.

“Her lips were blue and her face was grey. I didn't think she was breathing.”

Mrs Cason gestured for her husband to join her and, remembering the basic first aid she had learned at school, began to administer CPR as more neighbours arrived at the scene to help the woman.

She said: “I just got on with it. But she didn't come round and somebody else came and took over from me.”

When a paramedic arrived shortly afterwards, Mr Cason volunteered to help give the woman air using an oxygen bottle.

“It was quite scary,” he said. “She just looked completely lifeless and didn't come round.”

An ambulance crew then arrived and took the woman to hospital.

- Michael Smith, 44, of Felixstowe was arrested at around 7.30pm on Wednesday in Alderlee. He was also taken to hospital but released and arrested on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug. He appeared before magistrates on Friday charged with supplying an illegal drug and was bailed to reappear before South East Suffolk Magistrates on September 25.

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