Couple walking their pet terriers savaged in dog attack

A COUPLE’S daily stroll with their much-loved pet terriers was transformed into a terrifying ordeal when they were savagely attacked by four wild dogs.

Both dogs suffered horrific injuries and needed emergency surgery after the sustained attack close to their home in Severn Road, Bury St Edmunds.

In a desperate attempt to protect their Cairn Terriers from the Alsation, Rottweiler, Staffy and Pitbull dogs - owners Roy and Karen Clarke sustained deep lacerations and puncture wounds that required hospital treatment last Saturday.

Mr Clarke, 48, a self-employed decorator, who has been forced to stop work due to his injuries, said: “It was terrifying, an absolutely dreadful experience. We came home and decided to take Hamish and Angus for a little walk and within minutes four dogs came flying towards us and tore into us.”

As the couple picked up their pets in an attempt to avoid the gnashing jaws they were ripped from their arms.

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“I had Hamish in my arms when the Rottweiler reared up, snatched him, dragged him into a bush before the Alsation clamped on and they began pulling him apart,” said Mr Clarke.

At the same time his wife’s attempt to protect Angus left her with puncture wounds on her back and arms as the other two dogs wrestled Angus from her.

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The attack ended when the owner of the four dogs turned up and called them off.

The couple, who have four children, were taken to West Suffolk Hospital by ambulance after the attack. Mr Clarke, who suffers from diabetes was bleeding profusely from bites to his hands and spent more than five hours being treated.

“The vet said Hamish and Angus are lucky to be alive. Angus still can’t walk and has puncture wounds all over his body. He had to have a further operation as one of the bites actually punctured his stomach. Hamish had to go on a drip and now has a six-inch gash down his side,” he added.

The couple are facing vet bills of more than �1,000.

A police spokesman said officers were called to the scene just before 4pm on Saturday, March 27, to reports of a dog attack and an investigation had now been launched into the incident.

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