Covid cases in Suffolk schools have doubled in a week

Students wearing face masks in a lesson.

Some students throughout the county have had to start wearing face masks at school again - Credit: PA

Covid-19 cases in Suffolk schools are increasing rapidly - with more than 2,000 cases having been reported in the last 10 days.

A total of 395 settings, such as schools and nurseries, have been affected by 2,476 cases since September 18.

The figures from Suffolk County Council show a significant increase from the 1,209 cases  that were recorded between September 12 and 23.

On the rising cases, a council spokesman said they "always encourage all our residents to act with caution and follow Government guidance to help keep us all safe and this goes for schools too."

Dave Lee-Allan said that news of the drop was welcome Picture: ARCHANT

Dave Lee-Allan is monitoring the number of covid cases closely but hopes he won't have to reintroduce measures like face masks and bubbles - Credit: Gregg Brown

Dave Lee-Allan, head of Stowmarket High School and chair of the Suffolk Association of Secondary Heads, is cautious of the current situation but calm.

He said: "It's changing rapidly at the moment, we at Stowmarket High School, are not suffering what some other schools are so we are doing ok, but the numbers are rising."

On Tuesday he said cases were under 10 at the school but they were monitoring it closely.

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"One advantage is that we have been here before, we kind of know the next step," said Mr Lee-Allan.

"None of us want it to go back there, equally I don't think we feel too intimidated by shifting gear back into old patterns.

"What we've seen in the past is that our school community has adjusted really quickly, so we will do it with some reluctance but we will do what needs to be done."

Chantry Academy has already reintroduced a number of Covid measures following a high number of cases.

The academy was deep cleaned and students and staff are now required to wear face masks while on site.

Principle of Chantry Academy Craig d'Cunha says while the current model is not sustainable forever,

Executive headteacher of Chantry Academy Craig D'Cunha - Credit: Archant

In a letter to the academy, executive headteacher Craig D'Cunha said he was still encouraging children to attend school unless they had a positive PCR test and that they are "exceeding the advice and guidance by Public Health England and the Department for Education".

Current government advice is that safety measures should only be reintroduced as a last resort due the detrimental impact restrictions on education can have on children and young people.

The measures are also recommended to be kept to the minimum number of schools or groups possible, and for the shortest amount of time possible.

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