Will you stand in silence to honour Covid victims on Friday night?

Candle in front of many defocused candleflames creating a spiritual atmosphere and in remembrance of

Members of the public are being encouraged to join in with Covid memorial day - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A year after the first Briton was reported to have died from the coronavirus, people across the county and indeed the UK will be coming together to member those lost to the virus in the past year. 

Covid Memorial Day will be marked tomorrow, Friday, March 5 with people being encouraged to take a moment alone or with their household to hold a vigil or act of remembrance. 

 “Experts tell us that 'grief must be witnessed' and warn that if not expressed, grief can turn into depression or anger. As a nation that has suffered – directly or indirectly – by a year-long wave of suffering and death, there is certainly a great deal of depression and anger swilling around," said Stefan Simanowitz, a journalist and coordinator of the day.

Covid Memorial Day is intended to give people – whether they have directly been affected by a bereavement or not – a moment to grieve.

People are being invited to put a candle in their window and at 7pm observe a minutes’ silence on their doorsteps.

They are also encouraged to post their own memories, readings, poems, photos, artwork, songs on social.

“Collective grieving is important both for our own mental well-being as well as being support for others,” says TV behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, one of Covid Memorial Day’s early supporters.

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“Covid Memorial Day is a day when you can light a candle, take a pebble to the top of a hill or simply sit and reflect on those you have lost. A united moment when we can all acknowledge and express our personal of loss as well as the share grief of so many others.”

Will you be marking Covid memorial day? Let us know how you will be marking the day and if you are remembering someone specific. You can pay tribute to a loved one lost to Covid here

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