Cradle of Filth rocker Dani’s Ipswich Regent ‘ban’

The manager of Ipswich’s biggest live venue today denied that Suffolk-based extreme rockers Cradle of Filth have been banned from appearing there.

The Grammy-nominated band, led by Ipswich star Dani Filth, are one of the most notorious names in metal and will be releasing a ninth studio album later in the autumn.

But Dani said it didn’t look like the band would be appearing in Suffolk any time soon after being told many years ago they were not allowed to appear at the Regent Theatre.

Dani, real name Daniel Davey, has previously lived in Hadleigh and Woodbridge, but spends much of his time playing to packed crowds in South America, Europe and across the UK.

He said: “It was a long time ago. Despite some of the bands you get playing at the Regent, we have never been allowed to play there.

“I think they thought our fans would destroy the venue – which is a bit silly. Of course the closest we get is the UEA in Norwich.”

David Mansfield, theatre manager, said he hadn’t actually heard of Cradle of Filth, but he said he was not aware of any ban in place for them or any other act.

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He said: “Technically, there are certain grounds on which we can’t take an act here, but it’s generally more to do with legal issues and the appropriateness of artists.

“My suspicion is it wouldn’t be viable for them (Cradle of Filth) to come here because they wouldn’t sell enough tickets.”

Mr Mansfield said only one act had been pulled from the Regent in recent years – The Circus of Horrors show had to be axed in advance on health and safety grounds.

He added: “In terms of metal groups, there’s metal and then there’s heavy metal.

“We have a number of groups who have played here, but they tend to be the really big ones.

“I’m sure they (Cradle of Filth) are large in their niche, but my suspicion is that they wouldn’t sell enough tickets to come.

“There are other venues other than the Regent – there’s the Corn Exchange as well. But as far as I know they haven’t ever approached us.”