Crane crash terminal still out of action

FELIXSTOWE port is still facing considerable disruption with one terminal out of action.

FELIXSTOWE port is still facing considerable disruption with one terminal out of action.

Landguard - where most of the smaller ships which visit Britain's top container port are unloaded - still cannot be used by ships following the accident in which two cranes came crashing down on the quayside.

Insurance assessors and surveyors have still not finished their work inspecting the mangled metal wreckage.

But there was some good news for the port - as it appears the three cranes for Felixstowe on board the Zhen Hua 23 were not damaged in the incident.

Port head of corporate affairs, Paul Davey said it was hoped to move the vessel across to Trinity Terminal as soon as possible to unload the new cranes.

He said: “We have no reason to believe our new cranes were damaged and we hope the Zhen Hua 23 will move in the next few days as soon as all the arrangements can be put in place.”

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It could still be some time though before any of the crumpled cranes are cleared.

Mr Davey said the port would need to employ specialist contractors to cut up the cranes and remove them. This could take several weeks.

Meanwhile, experts say any long-term disruption could cost the port considerably.

One industry commentator said: “How much the disruption will cost the port is unknown - but probably not many millions of pounds because Landguard is used for the smallest vessels which have the quickest turnaround. Some that usually berth there will be slotted into gaps on Trinity.”

The accident happened in the early hours of Saturday when gale-force winds ripped the Zhen Hua 23 from its moorings and dragged it along the quay.

Cranes on board then smashed into one of the ship-to-shore cranes at Landguard, which then toppled into the next crane, bringing them both smashing down.

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