Paedophile who posed as medic in refugee camp has passport seized

Adam Wyles who has connections to Suffolk has been banned from leaving the UK after he was found posing as a medic in Poland.

Adam Wyles, who has connections to Suffolk, has been banned from leaving the UK after he was found posing as a medic in Poland. - Credit: Archant/Norfolk Police

A paedophile who offered to rescue children from an orphanage in war torn Ukraine and posed as a medic in refugee camps in Poland has been banned by a judge from leaving the UK.

Ordering 34-year-old Adam Wyles to surrender his passport for 18 months Judge Martyn Levett said it was clear from his previous convictions that he had an “entrenched” sexual interest in young female children.

He said that between March 7 and 21 this year Wyles had travelled to Poland to deliver aid to refugees fleeing from Ukraine and had offered to rescue children from a Ukrainian orphanage. 

He said information had been received from someone who travelled with Wyles to Poland that he had posed as a medical aid officer in a refugee camp and had an air ambulance medic uniform and a false medical identification badge.

Judge Levett was considering an application from the Chief Constable of Suffolk on Thursday ( March 31) to amend a sexual harm prevention order made by Norwich Crown Court in April 2020 by ordering Wyles to surrender his passport and banning him from leaving the UK.

Wyles, of Sycamore Avenue, Great Yarmouth, was given a community order and a five year sexual harm prevention order restricting his contact with children in 2015 after he was convicted of possession of indecent images of children.

In 2020 Norwich Crown Court heard that Wyles had breached the requirements of the sexual harm prevention order by tricking a charity that supports children with disabilities into letting him drive on a trip to Europe in 2019.

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On that occasion Wyles admitted three further offences of making indecent images of children and failing to comply with the notification requirements of a sexual harm prevention order and was jailed for 27 months.

The court heard that Wyles had a number of previous convictions including posing as a police officer and possessing a police uniform.

After considering Wyles’ previous convictions, evidence about his trips to Poland and evidence from Wyles, who disputed some of the claims made about him, Judge Levett amended the earlier sexual harm prevention order and ordered him to surrender his passport and banned him from leaving the UK for 18 months.

“I reach the conclusion it is necessary and proportionate to amend the order,” said the judge.

Wyles' attempt to spin his trip to this paper

A convicted sex offender who travelled to Ukraine posing as a medic brazenly contacted this newspaper trying to spin a heroic story about his time there. 

Adam Wyles, who was banned from leaving the country by a judge at Ipswich Crown Court, wrote to us saying he had just returned from Ukraine, where he said he had been providing “medical evacuation and treatment services to those wounded and fleeing” and wanted to speak to a journalist about his experiences. 

A reporter spoke to him on the phone and he spoke at length about his experiences in Poland and Ukraine. 

He said he worked to evacuate wounded soldiers and rescued Ukrainian families from Lviv and even Kyiv. 

He even said that he felt compelled to return to the country to “help” and planned to do so as soon as possible. 

After researching Wyles’ background and seeing his previous convictions, this newspaper declined to publish his story and launched an investigation into his trip.