Teen carrying five-inch 'dagger' knife arrested after fleeing from police

Suffolk Police stock images. Picture:Sarah Lucy Brown

A boy was arrested after fleeing from police in Suffolk (file photo) - Credit: Archant

A boy who fled from police and was carrying a five-inch knife in a children's play area was arrested in Lavenham. 

Police were called to the village after receiving reports that two boys were openly smoking drugs in a playpark and "wantonly spitting everywhere", Sudbury and Haverhill police said on Facebook.

The boys initially cooperated with police, but then one of them, a 16-year-old, attempted to flee the scene.

He did not get far before being arrested. 

The boy, who was not from the village, was found to be carrying a few wraps of cannabis, a set of digital scales and a five-inch" fixed "dagger" type knife.

His phone was seized.

Suffolk police would like to thank the Lavenham resident that reported the boys' activities.

HISTORIC - The unveiling of Lavenham Village sign by Sir Norman R

The incident happened in the historic village of Lavenham - Credit: Tudor Morgan-Owen

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