Teacher says claims he kissed and touched girls are 'absolute rubbish'

ipswich crown court

Colchester teacher denies claims he touched and kissed girls - Credit: Charlotte Bond

An Essex teacher accused of sexually assaulting two girls told police the allegations were “absolute rubbish”, a court has heard.

Brahmo Chellakootty, who formerly taught at a school in the Colchester area, was arrested after a girl accused him of hugging and kissing her and another claimed he had touched her breasts and put his hand on her leg, Ipswich Crown court was told.

Joanne Eley, prosecuting, said the offences came to light after one of the girls told her mother that Chellakootty had allegedly asked her for a hug and a kiss and had kissed her on the cheek.

The girl described feeling awkward but said she had given him a hug because she “felt she had to do it.”

She claimed Chellakootty had then asked her for a kiss and he had given her a peck on the cheek after she had hesitantly agreed.

In a video recorded interview the girl said that when he asked her for a kiss she hadn’t known what to say and her mind had gone blank.

 She claimed that Chellakooty had told her not to tell anyone and said she had felt angry with herself after it happened because she could have stopped it.

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She denied a suggestion by Paul Donegan for Chellakootty that he hadn’t kissed or hugged her.

The second alleged victim claimed that Chellakootty had placed his elbow between her breasts and had rested it there and had also put his hand on her thigh.

She claimed that Chellakootty had also offered “to pleasure her” and had asked her if she liked the colour of his skin, leaving her feeling uncomfortable.

Chellakootty, 63, of Burdett Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea  has denied three offences of sexual assault and one of inciting a girl to engage in sexual activity.

Following his arrest Chellakootty claimed the first alleged victim had innocently hugged and kissed him and he had told her it was inappropriate.

He couldn’t recall his elbow coming into contact with the second girl’s breasts and said any contact with her thigh had been accidental.

He said he might have joked about the colour of his skin but denied saying anything about “pleasuring” her.

He described the allegations of sexual assault as “absolute rubbish.”

The trial continues.

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