Drunk assaulted pub bouncer after refusing to wear a face mask

The incident took place at the Grover and Allen pub in Sudbury

The incident took place at the Grover and Allen pub in Sudbury - Credit: Google Maps

A drunken man who assaulted a bouncer at a Sudbury pub while being escorted from the premises for not wearing a face mask has been fined. 

Liam Russell, 31, had been drinking at the Grover and Allen pub in North Street, Sudbury, on June 13, 2021, when two members of security staff were informed he was causing problems in the toilets and not wearing a face mask. 

The two female door supervisors then advised Russell he needed to wear a face mask, but he refused and became abusive, at which time he was told to leave. 

One of the members of security staff was pushed and then kicked to the leg as Russell was removed from the pub, Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard. 

Police were called but Russell remained outside the pub and was described as shouting and acting in an aggressive manner. 

Officers arrived at the scene and found Russell heavily intoxicated and were unable to reason with him, Stephen Munton, prosecuting, told the court. 

Russell, of Stanley Wood Avenue, Sudbury, was arrested and while restrained he continued to shout and was placed into the back of a police van. 

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He then spat in the back of the van on a number of times despite being told not to, and was further arrested for criminal damage. 

In police interview, Russell accepted he was drunk when he arrived at the pub before having further drinks, and could recall his behaviour. 

Appearing before magistrates in Ipswich on Thursday, Russell pleaded guilty to assault by beating, criminal damage and being drunk and disorderly in a public place. 

Malcolm Plummer, mitigating, said family bereavements in Russell's past led him to get "extremely drunk" on the night in question. 

"He would like to formally apologise to the lady in question. That was in a struggle as he was taken out of the premises, I don't think it was a full blown kick at her, it was just she got kicked in the scuffle," Mr Plummer told magistrates. 

Russell also admitted in police interview that on a drunken scale of one to 10, he was a 10, Mr Plummer added. 

Magistrates fined Russell £120 for the assault, £40 for the criminal damage and £40 for the drunk and disorderly offence. 

He was also ordered to pay £100 in compensation to the victim of the assault, £50 in court costs and a victim surcharge of £34.