Sweet cart owner 'cross' honesty box was stolen

Sweets and honesty box

Honesty box was there one minute and gone the next in East Bergholt, Suffolk - Credit: Nina Angell-French

An honesty box was stolen yesterday from East Bergholt village in south Suffolk sparking outrage from residents. 

Between the hours of 12.30pm and 3pm, a static sweet shop that has been sitting quietly on Gaston Street since the first lockdown had its money box stolen. 

Owner Nina Angell-French was "so sad" that someone in the village, "thinks it’s ok to steal the honesty box". 

She added yesterday: "I’ve taken the stall in for today, it made me so cross. It’s not about losing the money, just the fact that some people just can’t be trusted, for the sake of a few pounds, sad times. 

The £1 treats will continue in East Bergholt

The £1 treats will continue in East Bergholt - Credit: Nina Angell French

"I will continue to have the stall out on sunny days but will get a different fixed lockable money box for it."

But Nina's faith in humanity was somewhat restored by the local community, who offered on Facebook to give her the £4 she lost in takings. 

"That’s so kind of you but it was only a few pounds and I put the post out really just to make people aware."

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